Mother’s Day Floral Sales Continue a Strong Spending Trend

It’s always great news when we see strong sales during a holiday, despite all the challenges. And Mother’s Day continues that streak of blossoming sales! In SAF’s most recent survey, 62 percent of respondents reported an increase in sales from 2021, and 50 percent reported an increase in the number of units sold. And Ipsos, a global market research firm, said that nearly a third of Americans purchased flowers for Mother’s Day this year, in line with past years. These numbers aren’t just good news; they also show the power of flowers to bring joy to others.

Where the Sales Increase Came From

 When you break down the information from the SAF survey, here’s where retailers say they got their sales increases:

  • higher price points and service fees, including higher delivery charges
  • less competition from other floral companies
  • more time and effort spent on marketing and promotions

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