Mother’s Day Spending Will Boost Your Floral Sales

Mother’s Day is the third most productive and profitable day for florists — so we know you’re well into your preparations! But to get you even more excited for what’s to come, we’ve gathered some forecasts for this year’s holiday.

The National Retail Federation predicts that Mother’s Day spending will be historic, with 84% of shoppers planning to celebrate. And what do they want to spend their money on? Flowers, of course! Here are a few key statistics from the National Retail Federation’s 2022 survey:

Overall Spending Reaches Record Highs
Per the 2022 NRF survey, overall spending was expected to hit a record $31.7 billion. That’s up $3.6 billion from a previous record in 2021. Individual spending was also at a record, at $246 per person, up from $220 per person the year before. Forecasters expect these trends to continue since Mother’s Day spending has gone up every year since 2012 — even during the pandemic!

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