National Garden Bureau Actively Promoting Victory Garden 2.0

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – For 100 years, National Garden Bureau (NGB) has been inspiring and educating the public to garden.

The original Victory Gardens were started during WW I when food was scarce. NGB founder James H. Burdett was called to Washington D.C. to help the U.S. government form the National War Commission. This commission helped educate and train home gardeners to grow their own food. Between the two wars, Burdett founded the National Garden Bureau. Then, in 1943, after the U.S. entered World War II, Mr.  Burdett wrote the original Victory Garden Manual.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming a reality earlier this year, National Garden Bureau decided to “relaunch” the Victory Garden program and dubbed it Victory Garden 2.0. The relaunch initially was one blog post giving tips about how to plan a Victory Garden. When the interest of that post skyrocketed (getting more than 4,000 shares on Facebook alone!), additional blog posts were added over subsequent weeks. There are now five blogs in the series with more to come.

For the industry, this is a premade, no-cost communication package that anyone is free to use. Each link below goes to that particular blog on the NGB website. Each blog also includes a series of social media graphics that are free to download and use.

Victory Garden 2.0 Planning

Victory Garden 2.0 Planting

Victory Garden 2.0 in Containers

Victory Garden 2.0 for Pollinators

Victory Garden 2.0 in Raised Beds

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