New Great Grow Along Promises to Help Nurture 16 Million New Gardeners

Some of the biggest names in gardening are joining forces to empower the 16 million new people who took up the hobby in 2020 and ensuring they become lifelong gardeners.

The Great Grow Along is a three-day online event, March 19-21, 2021, designed to connect with this sizeable and diverse audience. Lifestyle taste-makers, plant gurus, and cutting-edge designers will offer engaging and accessible garden content to help inexperienced gardeners be successful and fall in love with the hobby.

“We have a historic opportunity to lift the entire industry by cementing millions of new gardeners into the hobby,” explained LaManda Joy, founder of City Grange in Chicago and the brains behind the new show. “Our Great Grow Along vision centers on education. For their future –and ours– we seek to empower new gardeners by honing their skills.”

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