New Selecta One Poinsettia & Kalanchoe 2021 Catalog

Especially during the Christmas season, your own four walls are a place of well-being and a place of joy and festive atmosphere. Together, let us contribute to ensuring that our Poinsettias beautify the special time of the year and make living rooms shine with Christmas decorations, also in 2021!

Here you can find our new Poinsettia & Kalanchoe catalogue 2021.

Red is the most popular Christmas colour. With Christmas Feelings®, Christmas Beauty, Christmas Glory and many other varieties, a whole range of unique Poinsettias stands for our competence in RED. Especially the variety Christmas Universe (page 16) makes all hearts beat faster with the colour of love! It has good foliage quality and upright, slender, V-shaped growth. Thanks to its very good stability and branching it is easy to pack and has a good shelf life. Our new dark red variety Christmas Flair (page 17) with medium vigour is also very promising – order and test it!

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