New Varieties Deserve the Spotlight

The latest market introductions in Anthuriums

New varieties have been introduced to the market for decades. The latest bred varieties used to be put in the spotlight at trade fairs and open house days. If the grower then offered his new asset at the auction, the news quickly spread by word of mouth and within a short time everyone knew of the existence of this new flower or plant.

Nowadays it’s different. With all the e-commerce and remote buying options, word-of-mouth advertising is no longer as effective. How do you stand out when there is a supply of many thousands of flowers and plants, that find their way to the florist or garden centre every day? Partly because of the changing market, Anthura has started a number of campaigns this year together with its clients who grow these new products. The aim is to inform and enthuse our target group and to reach as wide an audience as possible with the newcomer in question.

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