New Vision Forum To Help Independent Retailers Thrive

Columbus, Ohio – Leading industry consultants, John Stanley and Sid Raisch, have joined forces for two,  two-day New Vision Forums aimed at presenting global ideas and developments to help independent retailers form actionable strategies for long-term relevance.

New Vision Forum will be held in two locations to allow more retailers to participate: August 20-21, 2014 in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the FarWest Show, and August 28-29 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The New Vision Forum has been designed as a two-day event intended to develop opportunities and ideas into strategies, objectives, and plans. This format ensures that retail businesses are moving in the right direction. The learning format includes lectures and discussions by Stanley and Raisch in a unique forum designed to help retailers work together to discover a new vision for success. They will develop new approaches for their businesses and for the horticultural industry.

According to Stanley, “This unique opportunity is not a series of lectures. The aim is for each of us as presenters to bring forward information and ideas to allow the group to challenge and debate, and come up with new strategies unique for their businesses and the industry.” Raisch added, “The focus of the outcome is for participants to come away with actionable plans for their unique situations; plans they feel confident investing in and implementing.”

Because of the intense focus of the Forum, there are limited seats at both locations, so early registration is encouraged. Retailers who would like to participate in either of the events should visit

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Source: AmericanHort