Online Visit to the Fleuroselect Trial

We were very happy we could organise a Digital Trial Walk this July. Approximately 30 professionals from all over the world joined us for an online visit of this year’s Fleuroselect trial at the PanAmerican Seed trial location in Venhuizen (NL).

Ruud Brinkkemper, Regional Breeding Director EU for PanAmerican Seed, and Sally walked the trial and showed us the 29 annuals that are being tested this year.

Entries include new breeding breakthroughs in classical annuals such as Celosia, Cosmos, Campanula, Zinnia etc. but also new achievements in less common varieties such as Salpiglossis and Origanum. In addition to the PanAmerican site, these annuals are also tested at 14 other locations across Europe this summer.

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