Orchid Industry Generates Substantial Profits For Growers In Ho Chi Minh City

For instance, cultivation land for orchid rose from 190 hectare in 2010 to 310 hectare in 2015 and to 375 hectare in 2018 mostly in outlying districts Cu Chi, Binh Chanh.

Farmers in severe alkaline lands and impoverished lands in outlying districts find out the way to make rich by growing orchid to have better income.

Moreover, with high degree of humidity and high temperature, Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces are suitable for planting orchids such as Dendrobium, Mokara, Catleaya, Vanda, Oncidium which grow in nature in warm and humid conditions.

Hoang Hoa Orchid Company Nguyen Hoang Hoa said that the orchid industry holds untapped potential potential because the more the country’s economy develops and grows, the more demand of house decoration increases especially in the Lunar New Year and other holidays; plus, national meetings or international forums have been organized in the city and neighboring provinces resulting in high demand of flowers including orchid. There has been over-demand.

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