Outstanding New Varieties for 2021

Several exciting new Proven Winners® varieties for 2021 are debuting now! They’re the result of intensive breeding and selection efforts that sometimes involve years of development.  Find out how these new varieties will make life easier for both growers and your customers.

The work of developing new plant varieties and improving existing varieties is continuous, says Josh Miller, New Product Development Manager at Four Star. “Because Proven Winners is an industry leader, we can never stop thinking about new breeding and improving performance for the consumer. We have an open dialog with grower customers, soliciting critical feedback from them and applying that in our breeding and selection.”

Some of the new varieties reflect robust improvements, he notes. “This list has improvements that represent a ton of work in the greenhouse and trial field. Much of this work is on well-known, existing varieties, so we had to invest the time and get it right. Our customers rely on the ‘classic’ varieties to perform in every application, and it was necessary to trial extensively in all product forms.”

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