Party Time for 10-Year-Old Heuchera ‘Dark Secret’

IJsselstein — Within the assortment Heuchera it is rare that a plant reaches the age of 10 years but Heuchera ‘Dark Secret’ really celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Normally a Heuchera becomes 2 to 3, max. 4 years old but ‘Dark Secret’ has proven that he is the best and the strongest within the assortment. 

This beautiful Heuchera is found by Mr. Darques from France and his wife. ‘Dark Secret’ is a seedling of 3 cultivars: the very dark colour comes from ‘Obsidian’, the serrated leaves from ‘Crimson Curls’ and the flowers and healthy and strong growth come from ‘Frosted Violet’. This 10-year-old plant can be found in the garden of Luc Klinkhamer, plant lover at heart and also breeder of various perennials including Heuchera villosa ‘Plum Power’PBR.

Heuchera ‘Dark Secret’ becomes about 25 cm tall and 30-40 cm wide and fits nicely into perennial borders or mixed containers. ‘Dark Secret’ flowers richly in the summer and is very hardy to -30 °C. It can be planted in full sun, partial shade and shade. ‘Dark Secret’ likes any type of soil and is maintenance-friendly. This makes it an ideal plant for the contemporary garden. This cultivar is protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and is represented by Plantipp in Europe and by Concept Plants in the US.

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