Picture Perfect With Anthurium Extase

For the combination of white with green veins, there are several processing options for Anthurium cut flowers. The new Anthurium cut flower Extase® has a fresh white-green colour combination that perfectly balances any arrangement or bouquet. That’s what makes this latest addition to the range so attractive. Meanwhile, the first young plants are now in production and will be auctioned in the Netherlands in the spring of 2022.

The spadix is also white and green, which intensifies its fresh appearance. The flowers are usually over 15 cm, somewhat larger than the average flower size. In winter, the ears may turn a little greener, which certainly does not detract from the ornamental value of the flower.

Extase is ideal for producing long flower stems. Good production can be achieved with stem lengths of 75 to 80 cm. This kind of feature is very exciting for florists.

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