Pina Colada: an Exceptional Spray Chrysanthemum

Dümmen Orange presents a new power brand: Pina Colada. This spray chrysanthemum is every florist’s dream: strong, fresh and the same great quality all year round. “Pina Colada gives every arrangement the body a bouquet needs at any time of the year.”

Remarkably steady, full-bodied, long-lasting, fresh and reliable – Pina Colada has everything it takes to be a winner. Roy van Kester, Marketing Specialist Dümmen Orange: “And that’s exactly what it is. The list of Pina Colada’s qualities just goes on and on. We spent the last three years perfecting this chrysanthemum and our hard work has paid off. The best chrysanthemums come from the Netherlands, after all. That’s no secret. And Pina Colada really stands out from the crowd.”

Pina Colada, the white flower with the green centre, has multiple blooms on one stem, fits wonderfully in any arrangement and its graceful charm makes it perfect for a mono bouquet. And not only does it look good, it’s very reliable as well.

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