Pink Kisses Conquers Garden Centers

With our Pink Kisses® DIY tour 2019, we gave targeted support to specialist retail this summer. The tour in 20 owner-managed garden centres over a period of five weeks was a complete success for both sides.

In the third year of the Pink Kisses® campaign around the pink mini carnation, we focussed on the communication at the point of sale with the aim of directly supporting retail and making Pink Kisses® even more known and experienced as a brand. The campaign days in May and June took place in garden centres across all parts of Germany. Many customers – young and old – participated in various actions and got inspired by Pink Kisses®. The Pink Kisses® campaign days brought not only variety and pink joy to the garden centres – the attractive promotion area, which was positioned outside the perennials department, drew also attention to the product presentation. Consequently, customers perceived Pink Kisses® as brand and its positioning as gift.

The cooperation demonstrates once again retail’s conviction of the pot carnation variety Pink Kisses® and its great interest in individual and emotional marketing concepts for plants and the potential for additional sales increases. Overall, the garden centres assessed the Pink Kisses® presentation as professional and rewarding.

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