Plantarium 2021 On Hold Due to Uncertain Outlook

The developments surrounding the global pandemic do not currently offer any degree of certainty on the possibility of holding an international fair in September. For this reason the decision was made to hold off on planning the Plantarium 2021 event.

In consultation with executive producer Beewan, Plantarium has decided to reduce the customary planning time of one year by half. Thanks to this idea, the feasibility of the event can be assessed until the very last minute. In the coming period, both parties will be keeping a close watch on pandemic developments and the market.

There will be no virtual fair like the one held in 2020. The importance of a real life event is even more important given that the market is currently showing a strong need for in-person interaction. As a result we have made personal contact and the ability to touch products two requirements for the next edition of Plantarium.