Plantarium Reveals Plans at IPM Essen

Your Greenspiration Matchmaker, Plantarium’s new promise. Plantarium presented its newly charted course at IPM Essen. In the Bizz Holland pavilion, visitors and participants discovered what this formula can offer them. Plantarium will also being looking ahead to the themes of the upcoming edition on 26, 27 and 28 Augustus 2020.

The new role of Plantarium as a green trade fair and platform is summarized in the promise ‘Your Greenspiration Matchmaker’. At the stand in Essen, visitors to the trade fair will discover what’s new and learn about Plantarium’s more comprehensive alignment with trends and developments in the green world. Market parties will also get a first look at what the new platform can offer their businesses.

Themes of the next edition will be further explained and discussed in detail with visitors to the trade fair. Plantarium has embraced a new approach to themes which will allow for the input of ideas and contributions from the visiting public at IPM Essen.

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