PMA: Breaking Down the Data on Driving Demand for Floral

There’s one thing we should never stop asking ourselves: What does it look like for your brand if you’re accomplishing what you wish to accomplish?

In many cases, we’ve been riding a wave over the past several months, responding and reacting to the unprecedented market changes. In the face of higher demand, we’ve been delivering quality products for our consumers. In the face of tight markets, logistics, and budgets – we’ve collaborated and adapted. But what do we do when the momentum slows to ensure that we’re still moving our brand and our industry forward?

That question was present in our June 17 online event, when we brought together the industry to dive in and discuss some of our upcoming PMA floral research. Attendees got advanced access to research that will be in the hands of members later this summer. The data focused on the logistics challenges we’re facing as an industry, and also tapped into the perspectives of over 1,000 floral purchasers to get the latest in consumer sentiments on Floral.

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