Protecting Our Pollinators Through Responsible Growing Practices

Proven Winners is a small group of family-owned businesses run by plant loving, nature minded people. Our plants start out as young plants grown by six Proven Winners propagators (greenhouse growers) in the U.S. and Canada. Our job is to produce and sell these young plants to the thousands of independent growers in the U.S. and Canada who in turn grow our plants into the finished product that you see in garden centers. We love gardening and helping our customers to create their own beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces.

We understand and share your concern about the health of the bees which pollinate our crops and support our environment. The health of bees is critical to us all, and Proven Winners needs pollinators as much as anyone. With the help of our industry leaders, we are actively working to support, report, and react to the science-based information about bees and possible declines in bee populations. 

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