Proven Winners Delivered 2 Billion Impressions In 2018

With an initial goal of delivering one billion consumer impressions in 2018, Proven Winners developed a broad reaching marketing campaign. All major social media channels were covered in addition to Google advertising, Pandora internet radio, billboards, e-newsletters and several printed advertising pieces. People who had never been exposed to the brand were reached in addition to the loyal following the brand has worked to build.

With just a few days left in the year, Proven Winners announced they have not only met but doubled their goal by delivering two billion consumer impressions in 2018. Funding for this expansive campaign comes from the marketing funds that are collected from the sale of Proven Winners plants and are wholly reinvested in marketing.

Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Marshall Dirks, explained, “We are constantly seeking creative new ways to reach consumers and deliver our brand message. We want to meet them where they live–in online communities, on their daily commute, on the radio and at their mailbox—to help them integrate flowers and plants into their everyday lives.” Over 257 million impressions were gained for the brand on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter in 2018, while digital ads were viewed by nearly one billion consumers.

Brand exposure is critical in building retailers’ success. These impressions serve as reminders and motivation for consumers who are looking to buy Proven Winners plants and products at their local garden centers and through online retailers. Though the campaign runs all year, it is most heavily weighted during peak selling seasons to help move product when store traffic is high.

Dirks continued, “The tireless efforts of our dedicated breeders, growers and retail partners who are constantly striving to offer customers solutions that work are an enormous part of what makes our brand successful. We are doing everything possible to support them and are confident our two billion impressions consumer campaign will support their efforts.”

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