Purity the Pollenfree Gerbera

Spring is a highly anticipated season full of various types of blooms. Unfortunately spring comes together with hay fever which means lots of people go sneezing and streaming. Lucky for all the people suffering from hay fever, you can all still enjoy Gerberas. Meet our Pollenfree Gerbera Collection, named the Purity series. These Gerberas don’t have stamen, so they cause no or hardly any allergic reactions. Use Purities mono in a vase or together with other low-pollen flowers like Roses, Astrantia, Yarrow and Snapdragon.

We picked the following Gerbera Purities from our greenhouse;

Pure Bliss (White)
Pure Angel (light Pink)
Pure Sunrise (Orange)
Pure Joy (Yellow)
Pure Touch (soft Pink)
Pure Moments (hot Pink)

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