Registration Opens for Two Special Seminars Of Florint’s Judges’ Certification Project for Professional Floral Design Assessors

The Open ‘National Certified Judge in Floristry Design’ assessment

This NCJFD assessment is open to a florist from any country, as long as he/she is a member of any of Florint’s member associations. Usually, the NCJFD assessments are organised for florists from a single country.

The 5-day NCJFD assessment provides courses that train you in the art of professional floristry judging. These courses will be both theoretical and practical. The involved tutors will be certified JudgCert teachers, with an excellent track record.

Please note: Participants must ensure accommodation and travel for themselves. The instruction will be given in English. Participants will also have to provide a translator for themselves, if this is required. The venue, course materials, and refreshments and dinners during the days of the assessment process will be arranged by Florint.  
The Open National Certified Judge in Floristry Design assessment will be held at Weihenstephan School for Floral Art near Freising, Germany, from 27 to 31 of July 2020.
The cost of this NCJFD certification is € 1347,00 per person. A non-refundable 50% of this sum must be paid by the end of March, to facilitate the organising of the assessment.
We will accept up to 12 participants.

The International Certified Judge in Floristry Design assessment

The advanced ICJFD assessment will be held at the International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland, from 8 to 11 of June 2020. (Right after the Europa Cup 2020).
Please note: the ICJFD assessment requires possession of the NCJFD certification. It is a very challenging follow-up course, which trains a professional floral design assessor to operate successfully at the highest international levels – such as being a judge in Florint’s Europa Cup championship.
The cost of this ICJFD certification is € 2933,00 per person. A non-refundable 50% of this sum must be paid by the beginning of March, to facilitate the organising of the assessment.
We will accept up to 6 participants. A waiting list will be created in case more than 6 NCJFD-certified florists sign up for the ICJFD assessment.

How to Register:

To take part in either JudgCert assessment, please send an email to stating your name, address and contact details. We will send you detailed information about the assessment seminars. 

Please note: your national florist association that is a Florint member must support your participation, as only they are licensed to certify you as a professional floristry design judge via Florint. Please make sure you discuss your wish to take in part in the assessment with your association first.  (Are you not a member yet? Become one now..!)

Learn more about JudgCert:

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