Research Update: FloraLife Transport Paper

Ask any florist, cut flower wholesaler, or flower enthusiast and they will all agree; Shrinkage (cut flower loss before it reaches consumers) presents a huge problem for the floriculture industry. Postharvest products in general, such as FloraLife® Shield, EthylBloc™ and FloraLife® Transport Paper are formulated to limit this waste. Here we will focus on FloraLife® Transport Paper which consists of a unique postharvest technology engineered to maintain the quality and consistency of fresh cut flowers throughout the distribution chain, from the farm to the consumer.

Floral shipping boxes provide an excellent environment for the growth and spread of undesirable agents that lead to waste and scrap. FloraLife® Transport Paper aims to maintain flower quality while decreasing shrink (waste). FloraLife® Transport Paper, a 10 in x 40 in waxed sheet of tissue paper, impregnated with special compounds, releases its active ingredient when exposed to a relative humidity higher than 40%. The relative humidity within floral shipping boxes easily exceeds this threshold. Each sheet contains enough active ingredient to easily dose commonly used flower shipping boxes.

Research shows that the use of FloraLife® Transport Paper leads to better vase life, better consistency of flower quality, healthier flowers, and reduced waste.

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