Rinehart Poinsettias by Danziger will be Available for 2020 Season

Danziger is proud to announce a new partnership with Rinehart Poinsettias. The two companies are joining forces to bring “Rinehart Poinsettias by Danziger” to the North American market.  Eight varieties, including six reds and two clean whites, will be available for the 2020 season, with additional introductions set for 2021 and beyond.

“We are thrilled about this partnership, and the ability to bring new, superior-quality poinsettias to growers and brokers,” says Steve Rinehart, owner of Rinehart Poinsettias. “With Danziger, we know that our genetics will be grown with the highest standards, allowing us to bring top-quality material to the North American market.”

“Steve Rinehart brings more than 35 years of experience in poinsettia breeding, production and sales to this partnership,” says Mike Fernandez, Market Manager for North America. “We have set creative collaborations as one of our core values. This partnership is a good example and another step in fulfilling our mission of creating extraordinary success for our customers.  We witness an increasing demand for high quality Poinsettias in the market and collaborating with a strong partner such as Steve Rinehart creates synergy and a unique value proposition for the market.”

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