Rio Roses: 5 Tips To Promote For “Back-To-School” Season

It’s back-to-school season again! This is the time when students and teachers are heading into a new academic year filled with anticipation. But we also know that teachers, students, and parents face more challenges than ever. A gift of flowers can help ease everyone back into their school routines and show appreciation to teachers for all that they do. To that end, we’re providing a few ways you can promote back-to-school flowers in your shop.

1. Focus on Flowers for Teachers

With all they have had to deal with over the past few years, nobody deserves flowers more than teachers! Use your website and social media pages to promote flowers for teachers, communicating how important it is to honor teachers right now. Another idea is to promote teacher appreciation flowers for homecoming at your local high schools.

And did you know that October 5th is World Teachers Day? More than 100 countries hold events to celebrate teachers on this day, and many schools host special assemblies or breakfasts to show appreciation for their teachers. So, find out if your local schools are celebrating World Teachers Day, and partner with them to promote special floral arrangements or bouquets that kids can give to their teachers on that day.

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