Rio Roses Constant Innovation for the Benefit of All

Rio Roses: Constant Innovation for the Benefit of All

For the past three decades, Equiflor – Rio Roses has managed the growth, importation, distribution, and marketing of roses, carnations, and specialty flowers from the major growing regions of the world. As a leader in independent flower growing and importing, we are constantly innovating, with the goal of bringing the highest quality and the most value to every customer.

Industry-leading Barcode Implementation

To make the entire distribution chain more seamless, we recently introduced GTIN barcodes to all our bunches. GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, has been used in retail for decades, but has not been widely used in floral distribution—until now.

We purchased over 10,000 GTIN barcodes in order to create barcodes for each individual product. Each unique barcode provides an identity to individual flower type, variety, grade, and stem length. With the implementation of GTIN barcodes, we are now the only grower and distributor with these barcodes in place: All bunches now arrive directly from our farms labelled with the barcodes.

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