Rio Roses: How to Increase Your Revenue With Floral Subscription Services

If you’re looking for ways to make more sales in between the big holidays—and who isn’t—then floral subscription services may just be the perfect solution. Subscription services are all the rage these days, from fashion subscriptions to surprise gift boxes for both men and women, even to razors and toothbrushes. So why not get in on this growing trend?

A number of online florists now offer subscriptions, from 1-800-Flowers to ProFlowers to The Bouqs. Then there are the online florists that ONLY do subscriptions, like Bloomsybox with their weekly and monthly subscription plans.

The growing number of floral subscription services reflects the desire for people to not just have flowers on special occasions, but to have the beauty of flowers around them every day. Plus, it’s so much more convenient for customers to have flowers come on a regular basis; they don’t have to think about ordering them and can use their monthly box as a gift if they choose.

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