Rio Roses: New Study Predicts Increase in Holiday Floral Spending

It’s certainly been a wild year for the floral industry, yet we see positive signs for the future. Most recently, the Society of American Florists conducted a survey of retail florists to learn their thoughts on the upcoming December holiday.

The results are encouraging: 64% of the florists responding said they expected sales to rise this Christmas season compared to December 2019. 22% felt that sales would be similar to 2019—which in itself is an excellent sign since 2019 sales were pre-pandemic. Only 10% of respondents say they think sales will be down this year.

Of those who predict an increase in sales this year, 53% said they think it will be between one and ten percent. 34% of those responding are planning for a much more significant increase: between 11 and 20 percent. Following are a few more survey highlights:

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