Rio Roses Offers Fall P.R.E.P.

As September rolls in, so does the Fall season—but this is unlike any Fall we’ve ever experienced. While some students are heading back to school, many are attending virtually. Shoppers are venturing out in certain areas but not in others. Fall 2020 is not only a season of uncertainty but also a season filled with holidays. Take Halloween, for instance: While most kids won’t be out and about this year, families will still have a high demand for candy, costumes, and decorations as they create their new kind of Halloween fun.

Yet, there is a bright spot: Flower sales are on the rise. As so many people are unable to celebrate with family and friends in person, they are opting for flowers to show that they care. So, what do you do when faced with an uncertain future and limited marketing funds, but increasing demand for flowers? Get creative! There are many ways to market that are low cost yet have a high impact. Here are nine marketing tips to maximize your floral sales for Fall:

  1. Stay Flexible with your Planning and Messages

You may have lost a lot of time just keeping afloat over the past few months. You may also have fewer resources than in the past, or continued supply challenges. All that can add up to being unprepared with your Fall marketing planning. Don’t beat yourself up about it, because you still have time—particularly now, when things change daily.

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