Rosemary – Bred for Floral

Sun Valley is unique among flower suppliers and farms, in that we can create “Enhanced Bunches” quickly and affordably. Consumers are looking for a little extra pizazz in their floral purchases. Using items such as Salal, Beargrass or Huckleberry branches, we have been able to add the pizazz, very inexpensively.

Sun Valley’s Guiding Principle #9 is “Continuously improve and innovate,” and this is exactly what we’ve done by bringing floral grade Rosemary to consumers as an enhancement, available in any Sun Valley bunch or bouquet.

The beauty is, that this Rosemary is exceptionally straight and graded at 60 cm (that’s 24 inches!) So it can be paired with tulips, lilies, iris or many other Sun Valley crops. This Rosemary is bred for floral applications, so it is full and straight, not “garden variety.”

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