Royal FloraHolland: “Inspire People to Produce Sustainably”

FleuraMetz is a global wholesaler for flowers, plants and accessories. The company’s focus is on florists. The wholesaler is a member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) and is one of the Accelerators. “We recognize that we have an impact on the environment and take responsibility for this.” That is what sustainability is, according to Susanne van der Mark. The Corporate Social Responsibility Officer shares her vision and explains how FleuraMetz cooperates to achieve sustainability.

The Accelerators are five companies: FleuraMetz, Royal FloraHolland, Royal Lemkes, Waterdrinker and Dutch Flower Group. They are joining forces to accelerate sustainability in the floriculture industry. The first aim is to accelerate the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI), but chain cooperation is being sought in more areas. “The dream of the Accelerators is a world in which all flowers and plants make a positive contribution to humanity and the environment. And we cannot do that alone; we need the entire chain to achieve that.”

Sustainable chain

All Accelerators have the same goal: to increase sustainability in the floriculture chain. However, the companies do have different approaches. How does FleuraMetz work towards sustainability? “Our aim to achieve 90% sustainable trade in 2020; that is our focus. It is therefore important to us that growers are certified according to the FSI Basket. Naturally, we are also working on other things, such as sustainable packaging and supporting the Plastic Pact NL. We also train our drivers to drive safely and economically. This keeps our CO2 emissions low and it also reduces costs. A fine example of how sustainability and economy go hand in hand.”

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