Royal FloraHolland: Together With Members, Making Production and the Market Place More Sustainable

“I prefer to speak of sustainable development rather than sustainability. That suggests a proactive and lasting approach. Sustainability is not just the latest craze.” These are the words of Stefanie Miltenburg, Sustainability Program Manager at Royal FloraHolland, one of the accelerators of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

“Fortunately, people are increasingly realizing that the earth is not an infinite source of raw materials. Or a bottomless pit. We must do everything in our power to manage people and the environment as sustainably as possible.” 

For Royal FloraHolland, sustainable development means close cooperation between the company, the members of the cooperative and the (chain) partners in the floriculture industry. “17 Sustainable Development Goals have been set on a global level. We are examining which goals are important to us and in which areas we have an influence. We are working together with our members on this. The Members’ Council is the logical place to discuss this, prior to discussing it externally.”

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