Royal Van Zanten Flowerbulbs Tulip Week

It is tulip time again! The tulip symbolises the beginning of spring and is known as the most cheerful flower in the Netherlands – bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Research by the Dutch Horticultural Marketing Board has shown that the tulip has positive associations, such as cheerful, colourful, sturdy and typically Dutch.

Tulips come in many different colours – even multi-coloured – different heights and shapes. A selection from the range include: single, double, botanical, parakeet and fringed tulips. Each with their own characteristics and flowering periods. If you plant tulip bulbs properly, you can enjoy tulips in your garden for many months.

Van Zanten Flowerbulbs has been supplying high-quality tulip bulbs to its worldwide customers for more than 160 years – from the most famous single tulip to the latest varieties. Van Zanten Flowerbulbs not only have their own varieties which include; the Ben van Zanten tulip and the Pride series, but they also offer 500+ varieties from bulb growers who they have worked with for decades.

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