SAF Kicks Off Stress Awareness Month with ‘Flower Power Mobile’

According to recent studies, eight out of 10 Americans feel stressed out — many of them chronically (68 percent experience stress weekly and 32 percent endure it daily). To call attention to the widespread problem with serious repercussions, health professionals have designated April “Stress Awareness Month.”

Leveraging Stress Awareness Month for a timely news hook, representatives from the Society of American Florists hit the road this week in a vintage van — “the Flower Power mobile” — on a three-city tour to tout flowers’ stress-busting qualities.

The tour kicked off Tuesday, April 2 at the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, where the Flower Power movement began 50 years ago. A handful of members, wearing purple t-shirts with the hashtag #StressLess, treated unsuspecting passersby to bouquets to brighten their days and let them experience the research-proven impact flowers have on our mental wellbeing.

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