Selecta One Adds New Kalanchoe Varieties

The variety and breeding program taken over as part of a strategic expansion has been further developed with great expertise. Our product portfolio for flowering pot plants includes both single and double flowering Kalanchoe varieties.

These new additions are characterised by large flowers, a rich, long-lasting flowering period and a compact structure with strong branching. This means that the use of growth regulators is only necessary to a very limited extent. The single flowering assortment blooms simultaneously and has a short reaction time of 7.5 to 8 weeks.

New from Selecta: Kalanchoe for the terrace and the garden. Trade and consumers show more and more interest in using Kalanchoe for outdoor. The advantages of Kalanchoe: they are colourful, easy to care for, need little water and have a very long shelf life and are weather-resistant – and thus have the ideal characteristics that the trade and consumers expect from plants today.

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