Selecta One’s New Dianthus I♥U

With the publication of our 2020 carnation catalogue in mid-March, we teased our new pot carnation for the 2020 season. The close-up of the flowers and the mysterious, promising text surrounding the new variety – then without a specific name – immediately piqued the interest of customers and readers alike. Now we are revealing the secret.

The new variety features double flowers with delicate, wavy edges that change their appearance and colour during growth from pink, to a lighter pink and finally to white. This variety also has compact growth and a rounded appearance. And it isn’t just the appearance of the variety that is surprising and delightful, but also its name and concept. I♥U – the abbreviation for the universal love message “I love you” – initially suggests a lovely romantic context. The newly developed I♥U marketing concept, on the other hand, is astonishing and surpasses all expectations. The bright graffiti of an “exploding” blossom and cool lettering against an exciting background represents the urban lifestyle – young, hip and the embodiment of a modern token of love. We thus achieve a contrast between a beautiful plant and an edgy design, creating something completely unexpected, fresh and new.

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