Shatto Home Delivery Will Deliver Christmas Tree’s and Wreaths Direct to Door this Holiday Season

Osborn, Mo. – Shatto Home Delivery will be adding Christmas Trees to the list of wonderful holiday items they will be delivering direct to homes this holiday season.

Shatto has partnered with Fulk Farms in Platte City to source some amazing Fir Trees for their customers.  Shatto believes that local partnerships are the foundation to taking care of their amazing customers.

“I have been thinking about this concept for a few years and 2020 seemed like the perfect time to test it.” Said Matt Shatto.  “We pride ourselves in offering our customers wonderful products direct to their door, while this new effort is not food based, it is something fun, something that creates memories and something that we wanted to share with our customers.  We will test the idea this season with the hope of offering a more robust concept in 2021 if this year proves successful.”

Shatto has sourced both Canaan and Fraser Fir’s, most 6-7 feet in height.  Some other height options do exist such as 9-10 ft trees.  Wreaths are also available.  The trees will be delivered starting the week of Thanksgiving.  The trees are first come first serve and are available to be added to a customers account at  While new customers will be moved to a waitlist upon registering, most will be moved to a route within 48 hours, at that time they can order a tree along with more than 700 local food items to be delivered direct to their doorstep.

This holiday season also include many other holiday specific items such as amazing holiday meats from Paradise Meats, amongst other wonderful items. 

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