Six Revolutionary Novelties to be Introduced at the Chelsea Flower Show

IJsselstein – After a long wait, the time was finally there: breeders and growers from all across Europe are getting ready to introduce their novelties to the world.  

Amongst those novelties, there are six revolutionary examples to be set. After a twenty-year-long breeding process by Camellia experts, Camellia 1001 Summer Nights® Jasmine (‘Yulan01’PBR), managed and represented by Plantipp, will make her first appearance.  

But that’s not all Plantipp has in store for us: also to be introduced is the world’s first cross between Sempervivum and Aeonium, Surreal Semponiums® ‘Sienna’. An easy-to-grow intergeneric hybrid that grows into a conical shape with vibrant, electric colours. Currently in its testing-phase, but ready to show its architectural shapes to the world.  

Also a new addition to the revolutionary Mad about Mangave® series is to be introduced: ‘Silver Fox’ PBR. This revolutionary hybrid series grows both indoors and outdoors and seems to thrive on neglect. Silver Fox stands out with its thick, arching leaves with silver fox-like colouring. 

Another introduction is the powerful yet compact Ficus carica Little Miss Figgy (‘LMF01’PBR). This dwarf fig may be compact, but produces loads of fruits all over her branches. Also yet another stunning addition to the Sedum Sunsparkler® series: ‘Dream Dazzler’ PBR. A very disease resistant sedum with dazzling colours that are different depending on their location and a low, mounding habit. 

And last but not least, Concept Plants’ sister-company Brassicasa will be introducing the revolutionary edible ornamental purple kale: Rainbow Candy Crush, filled with antioxidants and a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. This edible ornamental is low-maintenance, regrows after harvest and remains its colour even after cooking.   

Six revolutionary novelties representing breeding-breakthroughs from all across the globe. Making their first public appearance, at the Chelsea Flower Show. Plantipp will be sharing details on these novelties on their social media channelsYouTube and their website.