Six Tips for Creating Successful Hanging Baskets

Baskets allow AAS Winners to “show their stuff” by putting them at eye-level or higher in containers suspended from above.  Colorful baskets not only add beauty but they can also provide scale and softness to taller structures.  Baskets also provide welcome plants in areas where there may not be traditional planting space available such as over decks, patios, paths and in-ground plantings.

Success with hanging baskets certainly includes using appropriate plants but the selection, preparation, and care of these baskets are equally vital for success!  Here are six great tips on creating your own stunning hanging baskets.

Six Tips for Creating Successful Hanging Baskets

1. Consider the size and material of the basket.

Size and material are two very important features that will affect soil volume and the number of plants that will fit into the basket.  The width and depth of the container also factor into how much planting space will be available. Those factors will then impact the finished weight of the basket.   Proper anchoring is important for baskets due to their weight, the potential for wind damage and overall safety.

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