SnapBlooms Announces Launch of US-Wide E-Commerce Platform for Flower Delivery

MARYLAND CITY, Md. – Online flower delivery service SnapBlooms today announces the launch of its US-wide e-commerce flower delivery platform. The SnapBlooms platform works in collaboration with local florists nationwide, who are able to leverage its state of the art technology to help ensure product quality and excellent customer service.

Every order made on the website will be taken by local florists. Customers simply place their order at, and the platform identifies the closest flower shop to them with capacity to make the delivery. SnapBlooms ensures that high quality, fresh flowers are delivered on time through continuous coordination with the florists themselves.

The SnapBlooms platform cuts out the middleman involved in flower delivery. With this approach, customers enjoy better service and quality of product, and florists get a fairer deal, receiving a bigger percentage of the order’s value compared to standard wire service companies. 

This commitment to quality and excellent service is combined with Snapblooms’ state-of-the-art point of sale (POS) system, HANA Florist POS. This backend platform supports a rich combination of tools to support  thousands of florists located all over the US. It includes a mobile app for real-time delivery confirmation, digital signatures, and the ability to send photos of the flowers to the customer prior to delivery. All of this allows florists to quickly and efficiently manage their orders so they can focus their efforts on providing beautiful flowers and corporate-level customer service. 

Even with quarantine measures hitting brick and mortar stores, weddings and celebration events being forced to cancel, and supply chains facing continued disruption, the demand for flowers didn’t disappear in 2020. Especially during Covid-19, sending flowers represents a crucial way to show someone that we’re thinking about them, send our congratulations, or signify our condolences. 

The pandemic has also renewed people’s desire to support local businesses, with 56% of consumers spending more at small businesses in 2020 than the year prior. Given the economic turbulence of Covid-19, it’s never been more important to contribute to the survival of our communities, and that includes America’s beloved florists too. SnapBlooms provides a platform for those who want to support local florists without sacrificing convenience and ease of service, all at the click of a button.

“We are proud to announce our foray into the e-commerce and digital marketing areas of the floral industry,” said SnapBlooms CEO, Murali Nethi. “We aim to disrupt the traditional order-gathering business model to empower local florists, and bring much higher quality, creative floral designs to customers.”

Take a look at SnapBlooms’ website here.

About the company

SnapBlooms is an e-commerce platform on a mission to bring flower-buying customers closer to local florists by using our state of art florist POS and our expertise in digital marketing.