Students Bloom In Rittners Floral School Professional Floral Design Course

Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA. is offering a Special
Concentrated Course in Floral Designing for those seeking floral art skills.
This course will be offered starting April 5th and running until May 7th.

Rittners Floral Schools Concentrated Course is definitely a hands-on workshop
where students use flowers, containers, supplies and materials at each class
session and take home all of their completed floral art.

Rittners has a reputation for giving great value. The Concentrated Floral Design
Course assumes no prior background, but covers a variety of designing styles and
techniques, Students receive detailed instruction in such areas as vase
arrangements, bridal designs, flowers to wear, flower novelties and more. A nice
mix of both classical and contemporary floral design skills are mastered.

Rittners Floral School has been offering floral designing courses for over sixty
years and attracts folks from all over the country as well as from overseas to
its location in Boston. Students are attracted by both the excellence of the
courses as well as by the schools location in one of the nicest residential
neighborhoods of Boston.

The benefits of learning floral design are many. Research has indicated that
flowers and floral products have real health benefits. They can help reduce
anxiety and make people feel happy.

According To Dr. Rittner, People take our course to relax, reduce stress and
have some R&R. But the added benefit of taking a course that provides
professional level skills is that one also gains a backup career, a means of
moonlighting for additional income, or an additional career path in a time of
economic uncertainty.” Dr. Rittner comments, There is no better way to reduce
anxiety then relaxing and enjoying the process of designing with lovely flowers,
and also knowing that you are learning a very practical, potentially money
making art form.”

For more information contact Dr. Stephen Rittner, Rittners School of Floral
Design, 345 Marlborough St, Boston, MA., 02115 at 617-267-3824. His email
address is [email protected] The school’s website is


Rittners School of Floral Design