Sun Valley Group Offers Fancy Tulip Varieties Cheat Sheet

Last week, I asked Lane how many Fancy Tulip varieties Sun Valley is growing.  I expected a tidy, one-line answer like, 6 or 7 varieties.

Oh boy, I had no idea.  Lane sent me to the coolers with a list as long as my arm. I grabbed a bunch of each one and set to putting them all in one beautiful display.  Now, I’m not AIFD or a Pieter Landman or a J Schwanke, but I’ve worked with flowers nearly every day for six years, so I am competent with tulips…  but this pile of tulips was huge and a bit intimidating.

Even some of our office staff came by to see what I was doing, and as I told them I was going to get all these tulips in one relatively small tulip bucket, there was a sense of general disbelief and perhaps even a snicker or too.

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