Sun Valley Group: Petal It Forward

Nothing quite matches the feeling of gifting someone flowers and then watching a smile spread across their face.  And there are plenty of reasons to give someone flowers–birthdays, congratulations, condolences, anniversaries–but one of the most compelling reasons is absolutely no reason at all! In fact, a survey conducted this year by the Society of American Florists  (SAF) revealed that 84% of Americans say the best reasons for receiving flowers is "just because."

In fact, there's a direct link between flowers and positive emotions–and we have science to prove it! A study completed by Rutgers University has demonstrated that the presence of flowers creates "instant delight," enhances our feelings of life satisfaction and happiness, and has a positive impact on our social behavior.

In addition, that same SAF survey cited above has shown that simply giving flowers brings us joy.  Apparently, the age-old adage of "it's better to give than receive," has made its mark on 88% of Americans who say "giving flowers to others makes me feel happy."

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