Sun Valley Group: Walking The Oxnard Color Farm

I recently took  a trip to Southern California to visit our Oxnard Farm, which is always a treat.  Our farm world in northern-located Arcata is mostly tulips, lilies, and irises, so I love to experience the other flora that is also part of the Sun Valley Catalog. 

Our Oxnard location allows us to take advantage of every flower's growing cycle, so while its grey and cold in Northern California, we are able to use the climate of Oxnard to extend the season of our warm-weather flora.  The specific crops we grow in Oxnard are often picked when they are showing full color (which differs from here in Arcata).  This means the lucky pickers, packers, and bouquet-makers get to fully experience the world of color they are creating.  Last week I got to see it, and now I am here to introduce these beautiful blooming images onto you. 

Enjoy and be bright!

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