Sun Valley Hydrangea Season in Arcata

Hydrangea season has arrived in Arcata! Hydrangeas do so well in our climate that driving around our coastal community you can spot these gorgeous flowers growing in nearly every yard.

The varieties we grow on the farm are selected specifically because they make excellent cut flowers. Not only are they incredibly hardy, they boast an excellent vase life!

Our team has been harvesting these blooms at their peak so that you can enjoy their magnificent quality!

This year we are growing both Amethyst and Opal varieties and they are spectacular to see in person! Each plant is huge and full of color. Trying to walk through the hoops as a person under 6′ tall it is easy to feel like you could get lost amongst these beautiful blooms!

Why We Love Hydrangea:

·     Statement: Hydrangeas pack a punch and look great in a vase on their own

·     Colors: A kaleidoscope of pinks, purples, blues & greens!

·     Variation: We love how no two blooms look the same. The marbling of color is unique and allows florists to lean into different color-pallets

We currently have plenty of Hydrangea available now, call your rep before this farm favorite is gone until next year!