Supernova Liners Save Labor and Get to Market Faster

With labor shortages and high fuel prices, it is essential to maximize efficiency and make the most of bench space. Because Supernova® Liners are pretreated to provide a blooming, retail-ready Grande™ in just four to five weeks, they save labor in pinching and PGR applications. Plus, many growers find they can do an additional crop turn on the same bench.

“Time is money,” says Brian Bourdon, Senior Manager of Offsites & Crop Supply Chain at Four Star. “That’s why Supernova Liners can benefit both large and small growers.”

Supernova Liners were developed more than 20 years ago in cooperation with researchers at Michigan State University to ensure that small container crops have consistent and faster flowering for market. To do this, Four Star treats regular sized liners with intensive lighting, spacing to encourage growth, pinching, PGRs and heat — all of which help the liners flower faster and on time. 

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