Sympathy P.R.E.P. (Plan, Review, Execute, Profit)

One of the most significant moments in life is when loved ones come together to celebrate someone who has passed. Sympathy flowers are a powerful way to show love and support during such a vulnerable time. However, building a sympathy flower business can be a delicate balance. You can’t promote sympathy flowers with the same enthusiasm as you do for holidays and other events, yet you need to let people know you’re there for them at this time of loss.

Being a trusted source for sympathy flowers is not only helpful for your community, but it can also improve your overall revenue and enable you to continue growing other aspects of your floral business. Here are a few ideas to build your sympathy flower business that you can easily incorporate into your overall marketing efforts.

  1. Be available at a moment’s notice

If you plan to offer sympathy arrangements and services, make sure you can handle last-minute requests. Unlike holidays and planned events, death is often unexpected, and you must respond promptly to any request for sympathy flowers. Yes, the request may come at a time when you’re already busy, but turning away sympathy orders is not only unprofessional, but it can also influence how people view your other areas of service.

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