Syngenta Flowers Adds Value to Your Production

We talked with Can Cahit Erol about the ornamental business sector and Syngenta Flowers in Turkey. Syngenta provides services in many countries of the world with its 150 years of experience. Seeing Turkey’s potential, Syngenta Flowers adds value to the flower industry with its renewed organization, launched a year ago.

Mr. Can, let’s get to know you first, what are your duties in Syngenta Flowers?

“I work as a Key Account Manager in Syngenta Flower company, I am the authorized and responsible person in the sales organization of Syngenta Flowers Turkey. I manage our distributors and grower relations. Establishing long and short-term sales plans for our company, determining new sales channels, adding new products to the market, etc. I am responsible for the new product introductions in this market, based on trials done here in Turkey.”

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