Syngenta Flowers Expands Collaboration with Begonia Breeder Marcin Wojtczak

Syngenta Flowers and Polish breeder Marcin Wojtczak announced a collaboration in Begonia tuberhybrida, a strategic crop for Syngenta Flowers, supporting the company’s ambition to further help growers be successful today and in the future with truly differentiated products.

Marcin Wojtczak is the breeder of Begonia Limitless, a very successful series in the market with 10% larger flowers and a wide color range. This close cooperation will combine the distribution networks of both companies, unlocking the full commercial potential for this innovation in Begonia.

“I have been a big fan of Begonia Limitless for many years,” said Mark Schermer, Head of Syngenta Flowers. “Marcin and I have been working on the cooperation for some time now. I am very proud to officially  be a preferred vendor of Begonia Limitless. Limitless is not only big in size, but also big in color, having the widest color range in a series. It is one week earlier compared to other Begonia series, with quick and easy cultivation requiring less plant growth regulator. We view Limitless as Syngenta’s own genetics and will treat these as such in all of our sales and marketing efforts. I am excited about the series and Marcin’s pipeline only fuels this excitement.”

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