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Come Visit Danziger’s Open House Event

Imperial Plants – The Netherlands

Gartenbau Bongartz – Germany

June 14th to June 17th

Danziger develops the colors, patterns, and growth habits that professional growers need, and home gardeners crave.

Come join us at this year’s Flower Trials, where you can explore and evaluate – finally in person, after a two-year long break – our new assortments, novelties, and highlights for the upcoming season.

Come see our newest varieties in real, outdoor fields and greenhouses. This year, for your convenience, the Danziger Open House Event, where we celebrate our love for new plants and industry innovations, will be held in two locations: 

Imperial Plants – The Netherlands

Gartenbau Bongartz– Germany

In order to offer the finest service, we ask that you schedule your visit by booking appointments for each location so we can give you all the attention you deserve and avoid crowding.

Please use the Book Now link on this page. We are flexible and make every effort to accommodate your needs, with sales reps ready to provide any information you may need.

“We are excited to welcome everyone back to this major event after a hiatus of 2 years” says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO. “Our breeding work focuses on delivering the options and performance growers need and the WOW factor that retailers and home gardeners are looking for. At Danziger, we pair groundbreaking breeding technology with rigorous testing to bring superior quality genetics to all markets. These are coupled with top-notch customer service to offer you tremendous value.”

At Danziger’s Flower Trials, we are proud to showcase this year’s new introductions, featuring bold colors, striking patterns and growth habits to suit every grower.

Here are just a few of our new 2023 favorites:


If you’re looking for a dazzling Pantone eye candy to add to your line-up, look no further: EYECONIC™ STRAWBERRY. This calibrachoa features a strong contrast in eye color, with pink flowers adorned with strawberry red throats. This type of contrast characterizes the entire series EYECONIC™, with all the colors boasting huge flowers with contrasting shades that bloom early enough for any market.

EYECONIC™ create beautiful quarts, hanging baskets and pair well with other controlled growth selections for great combos.

CAPELLA Petunias

CAPELLA may just be the perfect Petunia – for both growers and home gardeners. For growers, this Petunia series offers everything they need: it performs well in propagation, creates a neat and tidy quart with minimal PGRs and blooms early enough for any market. For home gardeners, CAPELLA offers bold and brilliant colors that fit in perfectly with any garden design. Once consumers take it home, this Petunia plant continues to gain size in the garden producing a true sense of accomplishment.

RIMarkable™ Petunia

The deep-violet blooms, surrounded by a distinctive white rim, make the new RIMarkable™ Petunia truly remarkable. Next season, this new standout variety will be the must-have Petunia for home gardeners. RIMarkable™ also features a mounding and trailing habit that makes its beautiful large blooms a perfect edition to larger premium baskets and combos.

VANESSA Compact Bordeaux Verbena

The VANESSA series is synonymous with exceptional mildew resistance and season-long color. For 2023, we’re launching this new variety with bold, beautiful color – a deep, moody burgundy that is a perfect complement to just about any container design. Every variety in the VANESSACompact series features a naturally controlled habit that creates stunning packs, quarts and compact baskets or combos. This series, which are the result of extensive verbena trials conducted by Danziger, is comprised of varieties with exceptional mildew tolerance and outstanding cycling of color.

GUSTO™ Gaillardia

The new GUSTO™ Gaillardia series is loaded with bold blooms that command attention in any retail setting. These easy-to-grow Gaillardia were tested and selected for good rooting and clean flowering. New blooms cover the fading flowers in this compact and mounded series, so the plant remains fresh as it matures. Our 2023 colors include GUSTO Sweet Chili, Saffron, Lemon, and Paprika

PANAMA™ Red Echinacea

This enchanting and hardy variety, with its orange-red, daisy-like flowers, is the first successful URC Echinacea in the market. Features also include first year flowering with no bulking or vernalization requirements and early blooming (22-24 weeks). PANAMA™ adds intense color to any garden as well as containers in the full sun.

About Danziger

Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration, and a spark of imagination, Danziger strives to develop extraordinary flowers to help customers achieve extraordinary success. Danziger is a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding, backed by one of the largest R&D departments in the world. More than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders work to invent new varieties that are more durable, efficient, profitable, and BEAUTIFUL. Nearly 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries benefit from Danziger varieties. Founded in 1953, the family-owned company is committed to bringing personal service to its customers. Danziger employs more than 1,500 people worldwide, with propagation facilities in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia.

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