Terra Nova Nurseries Announces New General Manager

CANBY, Ore. – Terra Nova Nurseries Inc., a world leader in plant breeding and genetics, today announced the promotion of Harini Korlipara from Lab Manager and Research Director to General Manager of the company. Korlipara, whose new position is effective immediately, has been an integral member of Terra Nova’s personnel for more than two decades. Her new role will involve collaboratively managing the company’s breeding program, operational efficiencies, budgetary administration, and vital interrelationships among these areas of activity.

Korlipara will work closely in the new position with other members of Terra Nova’s management team, which is responsible for overseeing the business’s budget; streamlining lab and liner production; supervising licensees, stock and trial material for brand new Terra Nova varieties; and other managerial duties.

Korlipara will continue her tenured roles involving lab research, plant breeding, tissue culture production, and ST3 sales in North America. She additionally will maintain her role as a member of Terra Nova’s licensing team, where her focus is to provide support and stock to licensees at various levels, with a primary concentration upon international licensees.

“We could not be more excited to announce the promotion of Harini to General Manager,” said Ken Brown, managing owner of Terra Nova Nurseries. “Harini is an extremely valuable and admired member of the Terra Nova family, and she has been instrumental for nearly 25 years in the success of our growth and more than 1,000 new varieties.”

Korlipara joined Terra Nova in December 1999 as a research assistant and plant breeder, and she has since held positions with increasing levels of responsibility.

Her preceding Terra Nova positions have included Laboratory Research Assistant, in which she provided extensive internal breeder support; and Laboratory Manager, where she oversaw the development of new varieties with improved habit and growth traits, disease resistance and increased liner and plug productivity. Korlipara also held the titles of Breeder, with a crucial focus on laboratory breeding and production; and Principal Breeder of composite plants, offering a diverse and wide range of special support for the breeding team. She additionally worked as Terra Nova’s Laboratory Division Manager in charge of all Tissue Culture sales; Global Supply Chain Manager, including sending stock to and visiting/training all production labs and cutting farms around the world; and Director of Research and Laboratory Development.

She has traveled with Terra Nova’s founders, owners and leadership team to many continents, countries and cities across the world to actively participate in near countless critical meetings held at trade shows and licensee visits.

“Harini has added value to everything she has touched at Terra Nova,” said Brown. “She has been an essential and impressive part of our licensing team and has been involved with all related strategic decisions and tactical planning. We look forward to seeing the exciting ways in which she will manage Terra Nova’s high-performance breeding standards and continue to help shape our fast-paced and innovative business environment.”

For more information about Terra Nova Nurseries, visit www.terranovanurseries.com.